31 December 2019

Cottage Comforts – Tomato Cookery at its Finest

Cottage Comforts – Tomato Cookery at its Finest

This is the 3rd post in the series “Greatest Tomatoes From Europe” campaign highlighting preserved tomatoes as part of the rich and varied European cultural culinary heritage… 

It is impossible to imagine Italian cooking without tomatoes, which seem to be the vital ingredient in nearly every recipe. It has been said that tomato red is the color of summer and well-being, a positive energy that accumulates when ripening in the Mediterranean sun, to burst with energy in terms of texture and flavor in a dish. No other food seems to bring such comfort and reassurance as the tomato, all the while doing you good. And when fresh tomatoes are not available, such as in winter, a good can of preserved tomatoes fits the bill for quality and genuineness and a must to have on hand in your kitchen!