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Tomatoes inspire recipes.

Traditional dishes

The recipes below are dedicated to the prince among ingredients: red, aromatic tomatoes grown under the Mediterranean sun. Flicking through them you can see that nothing is more versatile than canned tomatoes, to create an infinite number of different dishes in simple, healthy but delicious cookery. Just a few quick gestures to open the can and transform it into a masterpiece to bring to your table.

Sweet tomato and chocolate cake

Easy Serves 12 55 min

Pizza Margherita

Medium Serves 4 1h30m

Spaghetti with tomatoes & basil

Easy Serves 4 30m

Meatballs in tomato sauce

Easy Serves 4 50m

Octopus in tomato sauce with capers and black olives

High Serves 4 1h30m

Bucatini with tomato, bacon and onion sauce

Easy Serves 4 40m

Salt cod with olives and capers

Medium Serves 4 55m

Turkey with potatoes

High Serves 4 1h45m

Spaghetti with lobster

Easy Serves 4 45m

Spaghetti frittata

Medium Serves 4 35m

Baked eggplant with tomatoes & mozzarella

High Serves 4 2h30m

Meat lasagna

Difficult Serves 4 1h30m

Tomato-Topped Cheesecake with Gingersnap-Fresh Basil Crust with Tomato Jam

Difficult Serves 2 h

Green sweet peperoncini

Easy Serves 4 40m

Patatas bravas with herbs and spices

Easy Serves 4 35m

Sausages with tomato and turnip greens

Easy Serves 4 50m

Spaghetti with eggplant, pine nuts and crispy breadcrumbs

Medium Serves 4 45m

Pizza marinara

Medium Serves 4 1h30m

Linguine with braised meat and tomato sauce

Difficult Serves 4 4h 30m

Paccheri with squid

Medium Serves 4 45m

Fusilli with pumpkin and sausage

Easy Serves 5 35m

Warm buckwheat, tomato and vegetable salad

Medium Serves 4 45m

Arancini – Rice Balls


Sweet tomato tart

High Serves 4 2h

Fish and vegetable stew

High Serves 4 1h

Braised chopped turkey with black olives and tomato sauce

Medium Serves 4 1h

Beef stew with peas

Medium Serves 4 1h

Spicy chicken roulades in tomato sauce

Easy Serves 4 1h10m

Vegetarian lasagna with tomato sauce

Medium Serves 4 1h15m

Risotto with shrimp and porcini mushrooms

Medium Serves 4 1h

Gigli pasta with bolognese sauce

Medium Serves 4 2h30m

Quinoa with tomato sauce and shrimp

Easy Serves 4 50m

Linguine with tomato, eggplant and pistachios

Easy Serves 4 50m

Lobster bisque

Medium Serves 4 1h10m

Cod with tomato sauce, capers and black olives

Easy Serves 4 35m

Chicken with tomato sauce and mozzarella

Easy Serves 4 55m

South western style beef chili

Easy Serves 4 1h 40m

Country-style sausages with lentils

Easy Serves 4 1h

Stewed rabbit

Medium Serves 4 1h 10m

Hunter’s style rabbit

Medium Serves 4 2h 30m

Baked mini omlettes with provolone, ham & tomato

Easy Serves 4 35m

Beef, onion & wine sauce

Difficult Serves 4 3h 30m

Pizza capricciosa

Medium Serves -14 1h30m

Mezzi Paccheri pasta with mozzarella and tomato sauce

Easy Serves 4 30m

Risotto with tomato & basil sauce

Easy Serves 4 50m

Pasta & lentils

Easy Serves 4 1h 10m

Mafaldine with octopus sauce

Medium Serves 4 2h 30m

Gnocchi with tomato sauce and mozzarella

Easy Serves 4 45m

Fusilli with ricotta

Easy Serves 4 25m

Vegetable couscous

Easy Serves 4 45m

Bucatini with green paperoncini, tomatoes & basil

Easy Serves 4 50m

Tricolour pasta

Easy Serves 4 30m

Bevette in red tomato and yellow pepper sauce

Easy Serves 4 35m

Easy salsa

Easy Serves 4 5m

Mexican huevos rancheros

Easy Serves 4 45m

Lentil soup

Easy Serves 4 45m

Escarole and bean soup

Medium Serves 4 1h

Soft cheese in San Marzano Tomato sauce

Easy Serves 4 20m

Bread and tomato soup

Easy Serves 4 55m
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