16 January 2020

Greatest Tomatoes From Europe – Quick Dish

Set your table folks because this is one of the best recipes of all using preserved tomatoes! Actually, it is a very old recipe of mine, culled from my extensive repertoire that I just had to share with you. I can’t tell you how may times it has saved me when I got home late from work and I needed something quick to fix for supper.

Always try to keep several cans of tomatoes in your kitchen cabinet. I think the most-loved and most-used canned products are the classic chopped tomatoes, at least for me. Chopped tomatoes make an excellent base for quick recipes like this—their freshness and slight acidity providing a great balance not only in this one, but in many dishes.

Quick, easy and delicious, pasta dishes are welcoming, filling and warming, and when combined with preserved tomatoes make a perfect weeknight supper!