7 February 2020

Old-Fashioned Farmhouse Recipe – Greatest Tomatoes From Europe

I love tomatoes…

I love tomatoes. Not just some of them sometimes, but most of them most of the time. Call me a tomato geek if you must. Canned tomatoes are just an an ingredient I cannot live without—and the flavorful tomatoes from Europe are an excellent option! I simply want to spread my enthusiasm through recipes rather than through telling you. I devise recipes in my own kitchen and I promise the ingredients are accessible, and are utterly and irresistibly tasty.

Low and slow…

This recipe features canned chopped tomatoes and is so simple to prepare you won’t believe it! Yes, it calls for rabbit meat, but one could also use a whole chicken—just pull off as much skin as possible and you are set.

I would highly recommend trying the rabbit though, because it is quite good. I doubt there will be leftovers, but if so, I have included suggestions at the end of the recipe.