18 January 2021

The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe gives back!

The team at the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe welcomes 2021 with its promising possibilities in the New Year.

As part of our gratitude to all, we’d like to recognize some of the heroes among us who make a difference every day.

People like Sir Chef Bruno Serato who through his charity Catarina’s Club and the Anaheim White House provides more than 25,000 meals weekly to needy children in Southern California.

Each December Los Angeles radio station KFI-AM 640 holds a PastaThon, a fund-raising event for Caterina’s Club.  With the Pandemic, however, the number of mouths to be fed doubled. Catarina’s Club needed help more than ever.

When we at Greatest Tomatoes from Europe learned of Chef Bruno’s selfless work, our team jumped into action, donating 2,250 pounds of European canned tomatoes to the hungry, spreading love, hope and dignity via delicious satisfying and healthy meals.

We need to tell you: Greatest Tomatoes from Europe is not a specific BRAND, it is the slogan of a campaign managed by ANICAV and co-financed by the European Commission promoting European preserved (canned) tomatoes. With 90 member companies, ANICAV is the largest representative association of tomato-processing companies in the world.

Known for their rich flavor, high quality and nutritional benefits; harvested at peak sweetness and canned in a technology-perfected way locking in the farm fresh goodness, these tomatoes are grown and preserved in a balance of traditional and modern, resulting in the tastiest tomatoes!

Did you know: European Canned Tomatoes are good for your health. They are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, minerals, fiber and antioxidants such as lycopene, all nutrients that help fight infection. And, they are naturally low in sugar and fat.

So: Congratulations to KFI and Chef Bruno! For doing the amazing work you do, breaking records in 2020 by raising $770,827 dollars and 75,980 lbs of pasta and tomatoes of course European canned tomatoes. And, thank you KFI for letting us join the party! Click here to listen to the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe team talk about delicious European Canned Tomatoes and recipes on the award-winning Fork Report KFI-AM 640. You can also watch our video as our chef makes an Authentic Marinara Sauce