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Food & Beverage – November 2021


Every Single Canned Tomato Product You Need in Your Pantry (and How to Use Them)

Are canned and preserved tomato products from Italy that much better than their U.S. counterparts? I’ve always felt that way, but a recent trip to Italy where I got to witness tomato production up close showed me why.

Thought You Couldn’t Make Gnocchi? Think Again.

All you need are the right potatoes, flour, and one secret item.

You Will Totally Improve Your Eggplant Parmesan by Eliminating This One Step

Save time, mess, and even calories. And it’ll taste better!

Press Tour Press Review – September 2021

Press coverage of Press Tour event (September 2021).



Once believed to have aphrodisiac powers, they were referred to as “the love apple”. Was it because they are so delicious, that one could easily woo a lover with a delicious tomato-y dish? (so delicious THAT the dish, as well as the cook, COULD BECOME irresistible). Being such a healthy food doesn’t hurt either: nothing like a vibrant shot of good health to make a person feel romantic.

They are even the right color: luscious red, like a big fat kiss! THIS kiss of deliciousness IS A GIFT from the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe to whatever you are COOKING and TO whomever you are feeding.


Old-Fashioned Farmhouse Recipe – Greatest Tomatoes From Europe

I love tomatoes…

I love tomatoes. Not just some of them sometimes, but most of them most of the time. Call me a tomato geek if you must. Canned tomatoes are just an an ingredient I cannot live without—and the flavorful tomatoes from Europe are an excellent option! I simply want to spread my enthusiasm through recipes rather than through telling you. I devise recipes in my own kitchen and I promise the ingredients are accessible, and are utterly and irresistibly tasty.

Low and slow…

This recipe features canned chopped tomatoes and is so simple to prepare you won’t believe it! Yes, it calls for rabbit meat, but one could also use a whole chicken—just pull off as much skin as possible and you are set.

I would highly recommend trying the rabbit though, because it is quite good. I doubt there will be leftovers, but if so, I have included suggestions at the end of the recipe.


Lidia’s Italy at Home – Winter edition 2020


Italian Food Network nr. 1 – January 2020


Greatest Tomatoes From Europe – Quick Dish

Set your table folks because this is one of the best recipes of all using preserved tomatoes! Actually, it is a very old recipe of mine, culled from my extensive repertoire that I just had to share with you. I can’t tell you how may times it has saved me when I got home late from work and I needed something quick to fix for supper.

Always try to keep several cans of tomatoes in your kitchen cabinet. I think the most-loved and most-used canned products are the classic chopped tomatoes, at least for me. Chopped tomatoes make an excellent base for quick recipes like this—their freshness and slight acidity providing a great balance not only in this one, but in many dishes.

Quick, easy and delicious, pasta dishes are welcoming, filling and warming, and when combined with preserved tomatoes make a perfect weeknight supper!


Europe’s Luscious Canned Tomatoes are Coming to see YOU, San Francisco!

Fresh California Tomatoes are the best, but off season, the only way to get that farm to table freshness and flavor is through the “Greatest Tomatoes from Europe!” A can of European tomatoes is a Culinary Treasure in your Kitchen! A must have when cooking delicious soups, sauces and dishes in your slow cooker.

In celebration of our participation at the Winter Fancy Food Show, The GTFE team invites you to join us on a culinary journey to see and taste what our chefs can cook up with these delicious, sun kissed tomatoes. Enjoy our daily Cooking sessions!


Honey ginger cheesecake with tomato jam

This is a very Taiwanese take on cheesecake. For one thing, it’s small and cute and light.

Second, the sweetness has been cut way back. Not only that, but honey is used instead of sugar, which both matches that lovely jam from last week and also inserts a gentle warmth into each bite. Amplifying all this is a crust made from gingerbread cookie crumbs.

And finally, that tomato jam beautifies an already stunningly caramelized top. A flavor profile like this is completely in line with the Chinese love for surprise, since the red jam suggests that cherries are in the offing, when actually something else is decorating the cake.


Penne Rigate Salsa di Pomodorini

Ever eaten a bowl of spaghetti or a slice of basic pizza with the kind of tomato sauce that makes the pasta or dough sing? One in which the flavor of the tomatoes is pronounced. You get that naturally sweet taste with a lingering savoriness? That’s the kind of tomato sauce I dream of, one that few home cooks, chef or restaurateurs master.

The secret to such sauces is a quality tomato, minimally processed. In summer you might find one locally-grown. But in winter, we rely on canned tomatoes. I always look for canned tomatoes grown in Italy. (Gustiamo in Brooklyn carries several brands of Italian grown and packed tomatoes as does Fromage in Old Saybrook, Connecticut not to mention other shops locally.)


20 – Minute dinner: Creamy Chicken Mac & Cheese

This holiday season has done a doozy on my family. Between travel, sickness, and just not knowing what day of the week it is, we’ve been living like we’re in a frat house. There’s been snacking all day, take out, delivery and me just haphazardly offering organic oatmeal raisin cookies as meals. Getting back on a schedule is hard which is why I had to start easy.

One of my favorite gifts that my husband has ever gotten me is this CrockPot that is both a pressure cooker and a slow cooker in one. I can literally drop frozen meat in and can choose whether I want it ready in minutes or in hours–depending on how prepared for the day I am.


Throw It All Together Meal: Shakshuka

If you’ve never had shakshuka, you’re missing out in a satisfying meal full of flavor. Composed of tomatoes, red peppers, garlic, feta cheese, sweet paprika, cumin seeds and eggs, this dish is well known in Israel, Africa and Middle East and usually served for breakfast. But honestly, I’ve had it for lunch and dinner.

The secret for amazing flavor is good quality canned tomatoes – I used Davia peeled tomatoes straight from Italy – and my favorite sweet paprika by La Chinata. Taste both and you’ll never look at canned tomatoes and paprika again.


Pasta with chickpeas and tomato sauce, a festival of leftovers

I tend to have a lot of leftovers. I cook for my son and myself, and I never know whether he’ll happily eat what I’ve made, or stare at it and me rather suspiciously, declaring that he doesn’t want any, and may he please have a salami sandwich instead. Sometimes, if I ask, he’ll agree to try the tiniest bite, just to see what he thinks, so as not to simply reject a dish out of hand. He ate perhaps 2 millimeters of the pizza ‘scarole I made a month ago (a sort of rustic pizza stuffed with greens, olives, and anchovies), and declared that he didn’t like it, which meant I ate pizza ‘scarole for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a week. It was delicious, but the whole endeavor to eat the food I had made specifically to avoid wasting any beautiful raw ingredients morphed into a marathon eating contest pitting my appetite and blood sugar against the pizza ‘scarole in a bloodthirsty battle to the death. I guess I won? Who can tell.


Zucchini and Tomatoes over Bulgur with Garlicky Yogurt

When fresh tomatoes are not available, like in the wintertime, a good can of tomatoes preserving their quality and genuineness is always great to have on hand, stashed in your kitchen cabinet.

Tomatoes never fail to amaze with their notable nutritional qualities: low in sugars and fats but rich in mineral salts, Vitamins A and C and precious antioxidants such as lycopene, which is easily absorbed by the human body. Tomatoes with  their unique taste and versatility are an intrinsic part of the Mediterranean diet which has been recognized worldwide as one of the healthiest in the world.

Today’s post recipe features canned chopped tomatoes and just a bit of tomato paste. While it takes about an hour to complete the dish, prep time is only about 15 minutes. It is one of my favorite vegetable and grain combinations , and I usually serve it with toasted pita triangles. The yogurt sauce is enriched with the taste of dill and mint and also makes a wonderful dipping sauce for carrot and celery sticks and olives.


Lamb and Butternut Squash Ragu with Mint, Orange, and The Greatest Tomatoes From Europe

Whole canned cherry tomatoes in their juices from Europe make this pasta dish even more of a treat.

Ancient landmarks, breathtaking artworks, artisan foodstuffs perfected over generations, and the intricate fashions crafted by Prada, Dior and Givenchy.

Those are some of the things I most love about Europe.

Now, comes the newest addition to my list: canned tomatoes.

Yes, really.

I never thought I’d get that excited over such a basic pantry staple until the Italian Association of Canned Vegetable Industries and European Union founded the marketing program, The Greatest Tomatoes From Europe, to spread the word far and wide about its canned tomatoes. As part of the program, they began sending out free samples to food writers like myself to give them a try.


Tomato and candied ginger jam

Ta-da, and welcome to my very successful attempt to bring the warm days of summer straight up into the dead of winter via tomato jam.

Most folks don’t think of tomatoes as being good candidates for jam, but these are after all berries—we’re just used to finding them in savory dishes, is all.

You certainly can use fresh tomatoes here, but good canned tomatoes are a couple million times easier, since then you won’t need to peel them. Plus, a really tasty canned tomato will be full-flavored, so most of the guesswork will be tossed out of the equation, too.


New Year, New Resolutions: Simmered Cod in Tomatoes, Mushrooms and Olives

My resolutions this year are similar to previous years: get fit, drink more water, see friends more often, and be a better person. Along with getting fit — a resolution that was always difficult when I was writing for Zagat — was to cook more at home. Now that my time with Zagat is over, I’ve rediscovered my love of cooking!


Cottage Comforts – Tomato Cookery at its Finest

Cottage Comforts – Tomato Cookery at its Finest

This is the 3rd post in the series “Greatest Tomatoes From Europe” campaign highlighting preserved tomatoes as part of the rich and varied European cultural culinary heritage… 

It is impossible to imagine Italian cooking without tomatoes, which seem to be the vital ingredient in nearly every recipe. It has been said that tomato red is the color of summer and well-being, a positive energy that accumulates when ripening in the Mediterranean sun, to burst with energy in terms of texture and flavor in a dish. No other food seems to bring such comfort and reassurance as the tomato, all the while doing you good. And when fresh tomatoes are not available, such as in winter, a good can of preserved tomatoes fits the bill for quality and genuineness and a must to have on hand in your kitchen!


Greatest Tomatoes From Europe – The Art of Perfection Preserved for All Tastes

Greatest Tomatoes From Europe – The Art of Perfection, Preserved for All Tastes

This is the second blog post in the series “Greatest Tomatoes From Europe” campaign highlighting canned tomatoes as part of the rich and varied European cultural culinary heritage…

I think tomatoes are the most loved of foods and lend themselves to infinite options. Canned tomatoes today in particular are a most-loved and most-used choice, suitable for many different recipes. Of course, each type of canned tomato has its own personality, which in turn encourages the cook to experiment with new ideas.


Cooking with the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe: canned tomatoes – tasting fresher than ever!

Have you ever eaten a tomato fresh off the vine? I have – and I can tell you it’s an incredible experience! As a child, I would often spend my summer vacations in the countryside, at my aunt and uncle’s house. The latter (a WWII survivor who had endured terrible times of hunger and deprivation) had a deep respect for nature and an appreciation of its treasures, and he was pretty much obsessed with gardening. Having played all morning in the sand with my niece, I would take refuge in my uncle’s garden, with dirty nails and coarse sand still fresh in my mouth and hair, and I would feast at random – and what a feast that was! Moist apricots just fallen off the tree, sugar sweet, their pulp melting in my mouth; red currants delicate and slightly pungent, with crisp leaves hiding clusters of ruby goodness; last but not least, tomatoes – meaty, slightly fuzzy, with a herbaceous smell and a delicious natural sweetness. I would sink my teeth into a tomato and the juice would start dripping on my chin, utterly thirst-quenching and refreshing, like nature’s perfect elixir. My love for those magical tomatoes was so deep that sometimes I would eat too many and I would get a tummy ache – but who cared? 😉 Those were the days when we lived off the land and we ate organic, local and mostly plant-based, long before these concepts became mainstream. We were just too poor to be able to afford pesticides, food miles, or meat for that matter.


Why You Should be Using Canned Tomatoes from Europe for Your Christmas Dinner

Earlier this year, I read Real Food, Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It by Larry Olmsted and it really opened my eyes to how little and how much labeling matters in the USA. So many words used on packaged goods like “All Natural” and “Healthy” mean absolutely nothing. A ton of the seafood sold in this country is complete and total lies, from its listed country of origin to its actual species. And don’t even get me started on how deceptive wine labels are in this country!


Fish in Tomato Sauce (Quick and Easy) with Pasta

Fish in tomato sauce is so quick and easy to make and although I’ve served it with pasta, it’s a dish that can stand on its own. It can be served for Christmas Eve, too.

When you discover something good, do you want to share it with everyone?

Disclosure: I received 2 cans of Davia tomato sauce and some Pastificio G. di Martino pasta to try from The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe.

For me, it depends on what it is, but when it comes to food, there’s no need to even think about it. I want everyone to taste my latest culinary discoveries! Today, it’s Davia tomatoes–pomodorini–to be exact, one of the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe.


Tis the Season for Tomatoes!

Season’s Greetings from “The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe” team! “Greatest Tomatoes from Europe” is not a specific BRAND but the slogan of a campaign co-financed by the European Commission promoting preserved (canned) tomatoes 100% Made in Europe. Known for their Rich Flavor, Tradition and Quality.


Eating European Tomatoes with The Tomato Sisters

It’s 8:41 am. I am eating lukewarm Kung Pao Beef. Is this breakfast? Early lunch? I’m not really sure.

I am exhausted. My husband has been unwell. There’s been a lot of lifting. A great deal of laundry. And not much sleep.

The clothes dryer died. So did the van lift. My husband claims the bathroom lift is acting up, but I haven’t seen this myself.

Christmas? I haven’t bought gifts, baked cookies, or acquired a tree. I’d just as soon cancel the whole damned holiday.


The best Shakshuka Recipe

This one is for you! Yes, you. Even though I have made lots of unique twists on shakshuka from green shakshuka to shakshuka puttanesca, I get requests for classic shakshuka almost weekly! So I finally wrote out the recipe for y’all. Maybe it’s bold to call this the best shakshuka recipe, but I have made shakshuka a lot, so I’ve tried tons of different variations! Here are all my secrets so you too can make the best shakshuka recipe ever.


Tomato-Pesto Frittata and the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe

Why is this the perfect time of year for a Tomato-Pesto Frittata? It’s impressive, it’s easy, and it’s made to satisfy a crowd.

So then what makes this frittata so special? The right tomatoes, of course. (And as the Jolly Tomato, we know our tomatoes.) For all of our canned and jarred tomatoes, we’re choosing The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe.


Pantry Pasta Pomodorini Recipe

I’m a big believer in a well-stocked pantry. I could probably cook everyday for a month without shopping thanks to my pantry full of beans, pasta, rice, condiments, jars of anchovies, cans of tuna, along with fresh onions, garlic and potatoes. I also have tomato paste, canned whole, diced, fire-roasted tomatoes and cherry tomatoes from Italy. I believe you can never have too many cans of tomatoes or too much pasta. No one will ever go hungry in my house.


Sun-Kissed Sweetness – European Preserved Tomatoes

I think everyone would agree that, as with all great culinary art, less is more. It does not matter in what form, raw or cooked, the humble tomato brings a sweet, slightly tangy flavor to so many dishes that it has become one of the strongest and most unifying symbols in any contemporary diet. I remain convinced I will never taste a more intensely-flavored fruit than a ripe tomato—to me tomatoes mean amore at first bite!


Chinese Borscht

Today is an easy dish for these blustery days: the Chinese version of borscht, Mother Russia’s quintessential soup.

Even the name in Chinese tells you that: Luósòng means (and sounds like) “Russian.” But as soon as you taste it, you know you’ve wandered over the border into Manchuria, as those rich, Slavic flavors have been tempered and emboldened by ginger, rice wine, soy sauce, and (yes) sometimes even catsup.

But what really launches this soup into culinary heaven are two things: really great canned tomatoes plus the oxtail that forms the backbone (sorry) of the broth.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to the canned tomatoes of Europe, and I am officially hooked. Full-flavored doesn’t even begin to describe them. These taste of pure, ripe tomatoes – nothing else, not even salt.


Pomodoro, un’eccellenza da tre miliardi di euro l’anno.

Tanto valgono le 5 milioni di tonnellate di pomodori trasformati in Italia. All’assemblea dell’Anicav, ieri a Napoli, anche il ministro delle Politiche agricole Teresa Bellanova.


Tomatoes Aren’t Just for Dinner Anymore. Eat Tomatoes for Dessert!

Move over chocolate, there’s a new sweet contender seducing our taste buds! When we think of preserved tomatoes, images of pasta sauce, soups, chile and salsas come to mind. Now, fancy Tomatoes for Dessert, yes, tomatoes! They make for fantastic sweet delicacies from Tomato Sorbetto and Jams to a fantastic Tomato Cheesecake. Below you’ll find a scrumptious recipe to sink your teeth into provided by ANICAV – the Italian Association of Canned Tomatoes Producers – representing the world’s finest European preserved (canned) tomatoes grown under the Mediterranean sun and produced in Italy by time-honored methods.


Warm your Belly with these 5 European Tomato Recipes

Searching for flavorful ways to stay warm and keep your friends and family happy this season? Look no further than that culinary treasure in your cupboard, a can of European tomatoes. Your chili will taste that much better with our Greatest Tomatoes from Europe! Your stews will create smiles and your guests will go home satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.


Fusilli with Pumpkin and Sausage and the Greatest Tomatoes From Europe

Fusilli with pumpkin and sausage is a quick and easy recipe that is perfect for cooler weather weeknights! Just be sure to use the best quality ingredients, including the greatest tomatoes from Europe!


Tomato Cheesecake and the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe

Do we love cooking with tomatoes? Well, it’s right there in the name, isn’t it? And we especially love sweet recipes with tomatoes, like this luscious tomato cheesecake.

Tomato cheesecake? Yes! If you don’t think of tomatoes as something you would put in a dessert, think again. Tomatoes are naturally sweet (they’re a fruit, really). And they’re just as juicy and delicious as any other fruit you add to desserts, so they’re a natural fit.



Authentic (Quick) Italian Tomato Sauce for Pasta

This authentic Italian tomato sauce is so quick, and easy to make that it’s ready before the pasta is finished cooking! Read the reviews; when you make this once, you’ll never go back to those inauthentic, sugar-filled jar sauces. Buon appetito!


Red Gold From Europe: Excellence of EU preserved tomatoes

A highlight of the 2019 Tomato Day lectures was the presentation by Manuela Barzan of what seems to be among the most ambitious programmes for the international promotion of European tomato derivatives ever launched: RED GOLD FROM EUROPE – EXCELLENCE OF EU PRESERVED TOMATOES.