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19 March 2020


March 19, 2020 – – Los Angeles, CA – Comfort food is a great way to help calm nerves during this challenging time.  Staying home for self-protection is the perfect moment to rediscover (or perhaps, discover) our kitchens, and the joy of making delicious food. Canned tomatoes are once again proving to be a kitchen essential disappearing from grocery store shelves. Why? Because canned tomatoes are so beloved.  But not all canned tomatoes are the same, so when you’re reaching for that main staple, select European canned Tomatoes – they are specifically grown for the can – capturing the essence of the Mediterranean sun and filled with goodness and nutrition.

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6 February 2020


February 6, 2020 — Los Angeles, CA – Once believed to have aphrodisiac powers, they were referred to as “the love apple”. Was it because they are so delicious, that one could easily woo a lover with a delicious tomato-y dish? (so delicious THAT the dish, as well as the cook, COULD BECOME irresistible). Being such a healthy food doesn’t hurt either: nothing like a vibrant shot of good health to make a person feel romantic.

They are even the right color: luscious red, like a big fat kiss! THIS kiss of deliciousness IS A GIFT from the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe to whatever you are COOKING and TO whomever you are feeding.

This Valentine’s Day, the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe team would like to remind you that Canned tomatoes are good for your well-being.

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13 January 2020

Ready when you are! Any time, any place, we are in your shelf, waiting for you. Greatest Tomatoes

January 13, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Fresh California Tomatoes are the best, but off season.  The only way to get that farm to table freshness and flavor is through the “Greatest Tomatoes from Europe!” A can of European tomatoes is a Culinary Treasure in your Kitchen! A must have when cooking delicious soups, sauces and dishes in your slow cooker.

In celebration of our participation at the Winter Fancy Food Show, the GTFE team invites you to join us on a culinary journey to see and taste what our chefs can cook up with these delicious, sun kissed tomatoes.  Enjoy our daily Cooking sessions!

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18 December 2019

Tis the Season for Tomatoes!

December 18, 2019 Los Angeles, CA

Season’s Greetings from “The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe” team!

“Greatest Tomatoes from Europe” is not a specific BRAND but the slogan of a campaign co-financed by the European Commission promoting preserved (canned) tomatoes 100% Made in Europe. Known for their Rich Flavor, Tradition and Quality. Throughout America, Christmas is red—red and green, red and white, red and silver. In fact, when the red decorations start showing up, we know the season is upon us. Our beautiful European preserved tomatoes: the most scarlet of reds, so red they even TASTE red! – look so festive on the holiday table and taste so refreshing. For a little something green? How about a sprig of basil? Not only do the tomatoes lighten and brighten the holiday table, they are a great antidote to so many of the season’s indulgent dishes which can be heavy, brown, or very sweet.

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22 November 2019

Jazz up Your Turkey day with these European tomato recipes

November 22, 2019 Los Angeles, CA – With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’d like to share some luscious European tomato-sauced dishes to brighten up even the stormiest of days. Not to mention Turkey Dinner and leftovers! European canned tomatoes can enhance your traditional favorites, while inspiring new ideas that perhaps will become classics in your home. From our families to yours, these yummy tomatoes will delight relatives and friends gathered around your table. The recipes are courtesy of the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe Campaign! “Greatest Tomatoes from Europe”, a precious gift from mother nature!

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14 November 2019

Warm your belly with these 5 European tomato recipes.

November 14, 2019 Los Angeles, CA – Searching for flavorful ways to stay warm and keep your friends and family happy this season? Look no further than that culinary treasure in your cupboard, a can of European tomatoes. Your chili will taste that much better with our Greatest Tomatoes from Europe! Your stews will create smiles and your guests will go home satisfied beyond your wildest dreams.

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13 September 2019

Tomatoes aren’t just for dinner anymore. Eat tomatoes for dessert!

September 13, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Move over chocolate, there’s a new sweet contender seducing our taste buds! When we think of preserved tomatoes, images of pasta sauce, soups, chile and salsas come to mind. Now, fancy Tomatoes for Dessert, yes, tomatoes! They make for fantastic sweet delicacies from Tomato Sorbetto and Jams to a fantastic Tomato Cheesecake.  Below you’ll find a scrumptious recipe to sink your teeth into provided by ANICAV – the Italian Association of Canned Tomatoes Producers – representing the world’s finest European preserved (canned) tomatoes grown under the Mediterranean sun and produced in Italy by time-honored methods.

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6 August 2019

Great Cooking Demonstration and Welcome Reception with the Greatest Tomatoes from Europe at ACF National Convention in Orlando

August 6, 2019 – Orlando, FL – Thank you for joining us in Tomato Land at the American Culinary Federation National Convention as we celebrate the delicious and delightful world of European and Italian canned tomatoes. We hope you enjoyed the entertaining, informative and tasty cooking demonstration by Executive Chef Vincenzo D’Antonio as you tasted Elicoidali alla Puttanesca (Elicoidali pasta with tomato, black olives, anchovies and capers) and Delectable Rigatoni alla Buttera (Rigatoni with tomato sauce and bacon). And how much fun was the Pirate Welcome Reception, where we served up the gorgeous Paccheri al Pomodoro e Basilico (Paccheri with tomato sauce and basil).

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22 July 2019

What would the world be like without preserved tomatoes from Europe?

July 22, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – Imagine a world without preserved tomatoes from Europe, how would we make authentic tomato sauce, soups and pizzas? Fortunately, not to worry! Come see and taste The Greatest Tomatoes from Europe – EU canned tomatoes 100% Made in Europe – 100% pure red gold Made in Italy as the culinary world converges on the city of Orlando, Florida.  Culinarians will be exploring new ideas and flavors at the American Culinary Federation National Convention where our Executive Chef demonstrates how versatile European Canned Tomatoes can be with Delicious and Zesty recipes featuring European tomatoes! The Real Art of Europe! Culinary Masterpieces for You to Try.

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11 July 2019

Red Gold from Europe is truly Mother Nature at her finest!

It was great meeting you at the 2019 Fancy Food Summer Show! Thanks to everyone who came by our booth. We enjoyed meeting you and celebrate your culinary expertise.

Red Gold from Europe! is truly Mother Nature at her finest!

Enjoy it’s from Europe!

18 June 2019

From our tomato land to your plate

June 18, 2019 – Los Angeles, CA – RED GOLD FROM EUROPE! ANICAV – the Italian Association
of Canned Tomatoes Producers – representing the world’s finest European preserved (canned) tomatoes, grown
under the Mediterranean sun and produced in Italy by time-honored methods, is holding a series of tomato-sauced
events in New York City and Chicago, supported by the European Union.

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30 May 2019

Launch of 3-year promotional campaign Red Gold from Europe

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